Celebrity Page correspondent Donny Meacham is spilling the latest gossip on new celebrity couple Lily James and Chris Evans with updates on new parents Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita!

On James and Evans Spottings 

"They were spotted together around London eating ice cream and enjoying each other's company. This is now multiple times that the couple has been spotted together. The two are keeping it very low-key and letting things take their course in the relationship."

On Dating During Quarantine 

"Chris and Lily are a great example that you can still go on dates during this time and meet someone new. Pack a picnic, take your dates outside in a park where there's open air and some great scenery that can even spark some great conversation starters."

On Ferguson and Mikita's New Addition 

"We here at Celebrity Page want to send a huge congratulations to 'Modern Family' star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita who welcomed their little bundle of joy in Las Vegas. We're sending you a big hug."
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