Fireworks, flags and friendship are some staples for July 4th. The red shows courage, blue shows perseverance and white is innocence- that's exactly what these episodes have to pull at our heart strings and become instant fan favorites. Let's see which ones made the list!

"Ms. Knope Goes to Washington" - Parks and Recreation (Season 5 Episode 1)

In this "Parks and Recreation" episode, Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Andy (Chris Pratt) visit Ben (Adam Scott) and April (Aubrey Plaza) in Washington DC, while Ron (Nick Offerman) throws a barbecue for the rest of the department. While the episode isn't specifically about Independence Day, this show is definitely perfect to get viewers in the mood for barbecues, celebrating history and spending time with loved ones!

"Jefferson Lives" - West Wing (Season 5 Episode 3)

This classic political drama has a great Fourth of July episode. Following a harrowing chapter in the nation's history, the Barlett Administration has to pick a new vice president and the White House celebrates a proper Fourth of July! There's sparkling fireworks, political conflict and of course a very American message.

"Fourth of July" - Saved By The Bell (Season 4 Episode 6)

In typical Saved by The Bell fashion, Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is judging girls in the 4th of July beauty pageant at Malibu Sands and Slater (Mario Lopez) is overseeing athleticism in the wheelbarrow race and obstacle course. The sitcom episode is funny, light hearted and includes beach games and fireworks.

Summer of 4 Pt. 2- The Simpsons (Season 7 Episode 25)

In this go-to episode, the Simpsons take a vacation to Ned Flanders' beach house for July 4th. Lisa realizes how unpopular she is and makes it her goal to make friends. If you've ever struggled to fit in with a new group of people, this episode is painfully relatable, and one of the greatest story lines for Lisa. There are also misadventures with fireworks, so this episode is everything we could ask for in a 4th of July episode.

"The Serenity Now" - Seinfeld (Season 9 Episode 3)

In this uniquely Kramer plot, he makes the outside of his apartment look like the front porch of Anytown, USA. This includes lawn chairs, a grill and an American flag. The image of Kramer (Michael Richards) sitting in a lawn chair holding a sparkler with the American flag behind him is hilarious and definitely patriotic!

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