As we wait for Larry David's offbeat but hilarious antics and abhorrence of social norms in season 11, let's look down memory lane at some favorite episodes.

Ugly Section (Season 10, Episode 7)

Easily one of the funniest episodes of TV where Larry keeps getting seated in the back section of a restaurant among what he calls "ugly people," until he can blackmails the Maitre d (Nick Kroll) into letting him sit with the pretty people.

Denise Handicapped (Season 7 Episode 5)

Larry begins dating a disabled woman, Denise, who requires a wheelchair. They plan to attend a Kim Chee Yun recital being held by Larry's friends, but Larry can't reach her after Susie throws his Blackberry into the ocean. On the street, he meets another disabled woman and invites both both them to the recital.

The TiVo Guy (Season 6 Episode 7)

While on a flight that encounters dangerous weather, Cheryl calls Larry, thinking it may be her last chance to talk to him. Instead, in typical Larry David fashion, Larry has the TiVo guy over and Larry asks her to call him back. Cheryl then turns to her male seat mate for support and they hit it off.

Palestinian Chicken (Season 8 Episode 3)

In this episode, Larry and Jeff discover a delicious Palestinian chicken restaurant, where the attendants hate them. Funkhouser becomes a Rabbi and Larry becomes a social assassin, when his friend's wife won't stop saying "LOL".

The Car Pool Lane (Season 4 Episode 6)

Larry and Jeff want to go a Dodgers game, so they ask Marty Funkhouser for his deceased father's ticket. Cheryl surprises Larry with two tickets as an anniversary present. Jeff decides not to go to the game so Larry hires prostitute Monena (Kym Whitley) to be a passenger, so that he can use the car pool lane in order to get to the stadium on time.

The Ski Lift (Season 5 Episode 8)

Larry finds that the head of the kidney transplant consortium is an Orthodox Jew. To try to get Richard Lewis at the top of the waiting list, Jeff and Susie invite Larry, Cheryl, Mr. Heineman and his daughter to their ski lodge. The ski lift that Larry and Mr. Heineman's daughter are on gets stuck, and since her religion forbids a single woman from being alone with a man after sunset, she jumps.

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