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Here are two brand new reality shows to watch Valentine's Day weekend!

'Love Games' On Discovery+ ❤️

Couples from all corners of the 90 Day Fiancé universe go head-to-head on the brand new spin-off, Love Games.

The duos test the love they have for each other through a series of virtual competitions and revealing games.

Suki Krishnan, the host of the show, teased what types of fun and scandalous secrets will be revealed on the new show:

"Which '90 Day' show do you get a prize? My show! You win a little trophy and then I ask all the questions. Sometimes it can be difficult, but they're playing for points and they want to win, so they go there. We get to really have a lot of fun."

However, it wouldn't be a true 90 Day show without some drama!

"A lot of people have disputes they want to settle and so when they come face to face, they get to settle their differences."

Love Games premieres February 14th on Discovery+.

'Buried By The Bernards' On Netflix 📺

Reality show premieres don't end here!

Ever wonder what drama ensues at a family-run funeral service company? Well, Buried By The Bernards dives head first into that world.

The family gave fans an inside look as to what the hit show has in store.

"You definitely see the fun at the funeral home, which is definitely not something that people would expect in a funeral home, but we are a fun, funny family," Raegan Bernard said.

"We are still the Bernards. Yes, this has been an amazing opportunity and a huge blessing for our family, but we are still that same, loving, nurturing family," Deja Bernard said.

"What they're going to see is what they're going to get. That's basically me every day, so I like to have fun in life," Kevin Miller said.

Buried By The Bernards is streaming now on Netflix.

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