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If you're a fan of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC, then you will love 90 Day Bares All. We caught up with Shaun Robinson to unveil the secrets, BTS moments and shocking revelations that fans can expect on the new show!

Shaun Robinson is expanding the incredible 90 Day Fiancé universe with her new talk show!

The host is interviewing all of your favorite stars from all of the 90 Day franchises. Robinson gave us insight as to what the show delves into:

"We get to go behind the scenes of relationships, content we didn't see on regular TV... We have the brothers Tyrol and Dean, they were huge on 'Pillow Talk' and then all of the sudden they disappeared and fans wanted to know what happened."

Shaun is giving fans all of the inside scoop and BTS secrets you haven't seen on TV, including moments that fans have never seen before.

"People are like letting loose, this is like behind the velvet rope or stepping into the VIP room."

90 Day Bares All is also premiering on Discovery+, which gives the show complete freedom to feature uncensored content that is too scandalous for regular cable TV.

"Here we can show anything, they can say anything, and if you easily blush like I do, you might not believe what you're seeing or hearing!"

Watch 90 Day Bares All now on Discovery+!

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