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We caught up with some of the professional chefs featured on Waffles + Mochi, Michelle Obama's new Netflix series that features food education and cuisines from around the world.

Correspondent Rachel Smith asked the chefs what it was like to learn about their opportunity to film this show with the former First Lady. Samin Nostrat shared:

"There were some emails. When I clicked 'open,' it was essentially more or less a heart attack happened. I was like 'oh yeah can I just be in all the episodes?' because this is truly the most exciting and charming thing I've ever seen in my whole life."

The chefs not only noted the importance of the food itself, but its power to bring people together. Chef José Andrés said:

"The show believes that longer tables, not higher walls will win the day, and this show, Michelle Obama, Waffle and Mochi, are making sure that the world is little bit smaller... We are all the sudden gonna love each other , where a plate of food is the beginning of a great tomorrow.

Chef Massimo Bottura added:

"This series- Michelle Obama, all of us, we are sharing this kind of amazing approach that is gonna teach and educate millions of kills and adults all over the world."

Join the fun and get food educated with these chefs, Michelle Obama, and her puppet friends by watching Waffles + Mochi, streaming now on Netflix!

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Celebrity Page TV

Celebrity Page TV

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