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Inside The New Britney Spears Documentary

The controversial new documentary has countless people up in arms.

Launched recently on Hulu, The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears has caused a great deal of controversy about the singer's life, which has often been mired in confusion, controversy, and misunderstanding.

The documentary is a deep look into the height of the star's fame and her ongoing battle of conservatorship with her father, Jamie Spears, who reportedly owns all her music and finances, which many claim is a violation of Britney's rights. We'll be taking a look at both the details of this documentary and reactions to it.

Britney herself has not seen the documentary, and doesn't care to view it, as she doesn't focus on what people say about her.

Valerie Bertinelli sums it up pretty well here. Britney Spears was a victim of the kind of casual sexism and commodification of women that was perfectly acceptable for far too long, at the hands of many powerful people.

In short, Britney's person and finances are largely owned by her father and lawyer, leading to a movement based both in reality and conspiracy called #FreeBritney.

The movement claims that these men have commodified Britney, for her body, looks, persona, and voice (all of which have been crafted by them), and that Britney herself has been made into nothing more than a marketable object with which men can make money.

There is an ongoing court battle to free Britney of her father's control, but it has been a long, slow process.

Other Aspects of the Movement 

There have long been allegations of such things, but some conspiracies have been involved in the movement that have a surprising amount of traction. While Britney has often taken the route of a sweet, high pitched, almost Kawaii-esque approach to singing in her tracks, there has often been speculation that her voice is in fact much deeper and more powerful.

The Support She Needs 

Britney has not had an easy go of it. That much is clear. But the bright spot to come out of all this abuse coming to light is that, finally, after almost 25 years, she has the support she needs.

After being mocked for her relationships, her mental breakdown, her weight gain, all clear cries for help, the world is rallying around Britney.

The past year has brought on a lot of trauma, and a lot of horrifying things have come to light about how we treat women and BIPOC in this country in particular.

But the good thing is, everything is out in the open. The truth is there for anyone who cares to see it. And now it's time to heal. #FreeBritney.

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