The fall season means colder weather and cozying up by the TV screen for a good show. Celebrity Page TV gives you updates on new and upcoming series, as well as what's happening with some fan favorite shows.

Season Two Of 'Warrior'

The second season of Cinemax's series Warrior comes out today, October 2nd. When asked about what's to come for the show, Warrior star Dustin Nguyen said:

"The audience, I think, will really enjoy the season because everything is just more dramatic, more fun, visually bigger."

You sold me at 'more dramatic,' Dustin! Be sure to watch the new season on Friday nights on Cinemax.

'Pandora' Coming Back For a Second Season

Your favorite sci-fi show is back and ready for a second season. Pandora will be releasing new episodes starting Sunday, October 4th on The CW. Noah Huntley, who plays Osborn, unveiled the inside scoop on what viewers can expect to see:

"This show has moved from the academy, which locked it into the Earth in the future, and is more more mission-centered in season two."

Premiere of 'The Good Lord Bird'

Showtime is releasing a new series called The Good Lord Bird, starring Ethan Hawke. The new show is based on the best-selling novel, which tells the story of an unlikely duo trying to end slavery. Actress Natasha Marc explained to us more about the plot:

"It's told from the point of view of this character named 'Onion' - he was an enslaved boy that was welcomed into John Brown's family who's played by Ethan Hawke."

Be sure to check out The Good Lord Bird premiering on October 4th.

Fox's New Series 'Next'

This show will make you want to go tech-free afterwards. Fox's new series Next discusses the idea that our technological gadgets could end up being smarter than humanity. Star Fernanda Andrade talked about the show's mind blowing plot:

"You see it, right, there's a camera in front of every store, in front of every house, and everybody has a camera in their hand - you know, how far have we taken this?"

Next will premiere on Fox on Tuesday, October 6th.

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