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NFL player Aaron Rodgers and actress Shailene Woodley were recently spotted grabbing breakfast, despite calling their engagement off earlier this month.

A source told E! News that they were at Erewhon Market getting breakfast at the cafe.

The couple shocked the world when they announced their engagement in Feb. 2021. Just last week, news broke that the couple had split. However, it seems as though the love between them is not lost. In a recent Instagram post, Rodgers reflected on his relationship with Woodley, sharing that he loves her and is grateful for her.

Rodgers also recently chatted with Pat McAfee about the actress, saying,

"I think that living a life of gratitude is so important and when you meet your person, life just changes and you can't possibly not be changed being around those special people. When your home life is stable and you have an amazing partner to do life with, it just makes the work life a bonus. And it changes your perspective because you’re able to not look at work as, like, a refuge.

He continued with,

"She's an incredible woman, talented, smart, kind. She taught me what unconditional love looks like and that's a great gift and having a partner like that makes life so much more enjoyable."

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