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The world bid a weary farewell to beloved Jeopardy host and television icon Alex Trebek this past year. In the wake of his passing, many prolific guest hosts have taken his place until a final permanent host is reinstated. Next on the docket? Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The QB's predecessors of the show have included Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings, Katie Couric, Dr. Oz, among others.

Rodgers will be hosting America's favorite trivia game show for two weeks, beginning on Monday, April 5, and continuing through the week of Monday, April 12, confirmed NFL insider Adam Schefter on Twitter.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Back in 2015, Rodgers proved that he's more than just a pretty face. He took on his opponents, Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary and astronaut Mark Kelly, and won $8,399 on Celebrity Jeopardy, raising $50,000 for Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer.

Other celebrities that are set to host the show after Rodgers include Bill Whitaker, Mayim Bialik, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, among others. Their dates are soon to be determined.

Rodgers is also making headlines as he's been recently engaged to movie star Shailene Woodley. For more on their love story, click here.

We're looking forward to seeing Rodgers on the other side of the podium as host of the show in April. Watch his first episode as host on Monday, April 5, 2021.

Who has been your favorite host so far?

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