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The former chef, now rapper, TV host, painter, and anything else he feels like committed himself to a healthy lifestyle, going from 375 to 250 pounds in under a year. Let's take a deep look at Action's weight loss.

A Fast, Hard Life

"I've been a big boy my whole life, and it got out of control at some point. My entire career was based off living a fast, hard life", Bronson told Men's Health.

He's not lying. In the video above, we see Bronson steal a golf cart at Bluefest mid performance. He's been the host of his own Viceland show, Fuck That's Delicious, where he went around the world eating the most extravagant, decadent, and fatty foods possible.

He lived however he wanted to live, and as admirable and endearing as it was, Bronson decided it was time to take care of himself.

"Here we are in December, and I'm 249 pounds of shredded. I wanna look like Eddie Hall" the rapper jokes.

A Drastic Change in Diet

Every morning, Bronson starts his day with a protein shake and scrambled eggs before hitting the gym. Bronson does cardio and weight lifting, because he doesn't just want to lose weight. He wants to have muscles, be a "big boy" as he puts it.

For lunch, he has five to ten egg whites, chicken, and broccoli. He then makes another protein shake and has nuts tossed in honey and spices throughout the day.

Bronson also says he doesn't always eat the same thing every day, but he tries to keep it healthy.

For dinner, it's grilled chicken and broccoli again.

Cheats with a Twist

While he hasn't had a good pasta dish in months, Bronson loves to have pizza without the cheese now.

Growing up Albanian, the dessert of choice was watermelon, which coincidentally is high flavor and low calorie.

He also frequently has raw cacao and almond butter desserts to keep his sweet tooth in check while he goes on this journey.

Bronson has given himself willpower to work hard and frankly give himself a new lease on life. Never be ashamed of who you are, but never be ashamed to better yourself.

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