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If you're a fan of 90s TV and cinema, then you've likely seen She's All That. Fast forward to 2021, a new Netflix movie is turning the original on its head and it features two of Hollywood's brightest rising stars.

The gender-swap remake follows the story of Padgett, a high school student that sets out to achieve an ambitious goal: make the least popular boy in school Prom King. This goal however has the underlying intention of avenging a humiliating moment with her boyfriend. Addison Rae, who makes her movie debut as Padgett, does a complete makeover on Cameron, who is played by Cobra Kai's Tanner Buchanan.

Our Rachel Smith spoke with Addison and Tanner about the film, paying homage to the original, and more!

When asked about making her movie debut, Addison tells our Rachel Smith about being part of the Netflix reprisal:

"It was all the nerves, for sure. I loved the original. I watched it when I was young, my mom was a huge fan. It really makes me speechless to even this about it. How I got to be a a part of this and have such an amazing cast to do it with."

Not a stranger to Netflix is Tanner Buchanan, a star on the hit series Cobra Kai. He tells Rachel about joining the TikTok star on He's All That:

"It's been incredible. We had a lot of fun on set, I had a lot of fun getting into character and trying to still give what everybody loved about the original but try to find something a little bit new so it would give it that much of a difference..."

You can catch Addison and Tanner in He's All That, it's streaming now on Netflix.

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