Adele Impresses H.E.R. and Kate McKinnon with Her American Accent - SNL
Since her last album 25, Adele has kept a relatively low profile, leaving most of us wondering what she has been up to. With this weekend's SNL coming up, the star is showing the world her brand new look and she looks stunning!

Appearing with SNL veteran Kate McKinnon and musical guest H.E.R., Adele sports a face mask as the three promote the upcoming episode. There was much speculation as to whether Adele would be the musical guest, too, but those rumors were squashed when H.E.R. was announced as musical guest.

However, the rumors don't stop there, as many are now wondering if Adele has new music on the way. With speculation of the album coming somewhere between October 30th and January, Adele hasn't directly spoken on the matter, but her upcoming appearance comes 12 years after her American television debut with the same show definitely raises questions about what's the come.

Time will only tell if/when Adele will be releasing new music. Until then, we all can enjoy Adele's acting chops this weekend.

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