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CBS's most recent special to be hosted by Oprah WInfrey, Adele One Night Only, premiered this past Sunday night. The 30 singer truly dug deep into a wide range of topics, covering the end of her marriage, managing motherhood with her son, and her recent weight loss.

Adele One Night Only included her intimate one-on-one with Oprah intertwined her recent pre-recorded concert at Griffith Observatory in L.A. The private performance was taped five days prior to the release of her latest studio album, 30, which is set to debut on November 19th. While the artist shared her emotional truth during the interview, her concert proved that her hiatus from music empowered her voice more than ever before.

Oprah sat down with Adele in the same rose garden that she interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in, setting the scene for an intense, yet inspiring conversation.

One of the first and primary topics that Oprah covered with Adele was her recent weight loss in which she shed over 100 pounds. Though her physical transformation dominated news and media outlets for months, Adele made it a point to address those who admonished her for losing weight, saying "I was body positive then and I'm body positive now". While discussing this topic, Adele also confronted society's fixation over her physical appearance.

I'm not shocked or even fazed (by people's reactions of her weight loss) because my body has been objectified my entire career.

Adele shared with Oprah that she began working out as a way to manage stress and anxiety, and not as a means to lose weight. She also shared a very impressive feat: she is now able to deadlift 160 pounds.

To kick off her concert, Adele performed "Hello". In her sparkly black and formfitting gown, she certainly proved to those in attendance and to viewers at home that her voice has maintained the same power and depth that rose her to massive stardom. During the interview, Adele told Oprah that she would likely have to begin every concert with the classic heart-aching song.

Another remarkable topic that Oprah discussed with Adele was her 2019 divorce from her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. For the first time, Adele publicly addressed the split that left her "disappointed", as she stated in the interview. Adele admitted to Oprah that she strived to maintain the picturesque nuclear family that she wanted to have since childhood, however her discontentedness in her marriage became too much to handle.

From a very young age I promised myself that when I had kids that we'd stay together and we would be that united family and I tried for a really, really long time. I was so disappointed for my son. I was so disappointed for myself.

Despite her grief, Adele still credited her ex-husband for "saving her life". She revealed to Oprah that Konecki brought stability into her life that prevented her from spiraling self-destruction. Adele continued on to express that she still has nothing but love for her ex as they continues to co-parent their son on opposite sides of L.A.

I feel like him and Angelo were angels sent to me, that's how I feel.

Konecki and their 9-year-old son, Angelo, were in the audience for the live performance, among many other noteworthy celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, James Corden, Melissa McCarthy, and Lizzo, just to name a few. During her concert, she announced that this was her first time her son has seen her perform.

Touching upon the meaning of motherhood and the significance her son has had in her life, Adele disclosed to Oprah that her newest album, 30, is dedicated to Angelo. Although not every song on the album is about Angelo, Adele revealed that much of her inspiration came from wanting to share with her son "who I am".

Adele told Oprah that she felt immense guilt for disrupting her son's chance at a normal family and upbringing in exchange for her own wellbeing. She said 30 is her way of explaining her divorce to Angelo if she is unable to do so in conversation later on in his life.

Another unforgettable part of Adele One Night Only was the planned proposal that unfolded in front of the audience, and after the special's airing, in front of million of viewers at home. Adele told the audience to be " really bloody quiet" as Quentin guided his long-term girlfriend Ashley blindfolded across the stage.

Ashley removed the blindfold to find Quentin down on one knee, and behind her, an audience packed with A-List celebrities, to which Ashley remarks "Who are these people?" Shortly after, Quentin popped the big question, Ashley excitingly said yes, and Adele emerged out of the showers to serenade the couple with "Make You Feel My Love".

Speaking of love, Oprah wrapped up her conversation with Adele touching upon her first time experiencing self-love, which happened to be while in her relationship with Rich Paul. Adele revealed she began dating the sports agent at the beginning of 2021 in her Vogue cover story from last month. She expressed to Oprah that this is the first time she has truly loved herself and this is the first time she "has been open to loving and being loved by someone else".

To watch the entirety of her interview with Oprah and her other performances from Griffith Observatory, Adele One Time Only is available to stream on Paramount+. Her latest album, 30, drops this Friday, November 19th.

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