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Comedy, mystery and sci-fi all wrap up into one in the new SyFy series! Alan Tudyk is giving fans a tease of what's to come this inaugural season!

Resident Alien On SyFy 🛸

Resident Alien is the latest SyFy series following an alien who crash lands on Earth.

Played by Alan Tudyk, Harry Vanderspiegle is forced to disguise himself as a human doctor as he tries to keep his identity a secret.

"He was here to destroy all of humanity, but since he crashes, he takes over this identity of Harry Vanderspiegle and gets pulled into this small town in Colorado to help them solve a murder mystery," Tudyk said.

The ensemble cast also praised the show and how audiences can escape to a comical new world.

"It's a wonderful show for nerds and everybody else who's not a nerd. I love the fact that this show puts the sci-fi first," Alice Wetterland said.
"This is the show that Earth needs right now," Sarah Tomko said.

We will take her word for it! You can watch Resident Alien Wednesday nights on SyFy!

Alan Tudyk Reprises K-2SO? 🌌

Alan is of course not a stranger to the sci-fi world, as Star Wars fans know him as K-2SO in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

With the exciting news that the new Disney+ series Andor is coming soon for fans to enjoy, However, Tudyk promised that K-2SO may be around in the distant future.

"I don't know what's going to happen. I'll come in later, down the space road somewhere," Tudyk said.
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