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Alan Tudyk's new movie Playing God is a heist film with a heavenly twist.

In Playing God, Tudyk plays a grieving billionaire duped by a brother and sister con artist team. The duo, played by Luke Benward and Hannah Kasulka, recruit their mentor (Michael McKean) into their scheme by having him play God to trick Tudyk's character Ben into falling into their trap.

Celebrity Page TV senior correspondent Arthur Kade got the chance to chat with Tudyk all about the heist film.

"It's one that reveals itself as you watch. It's one that you think is one thing, then as you go along, it just gets deeper and deeper and sort of twisting and turning," Tudyk said of the film.
Plot aside, the film's cast is equally exciting—especially Oscar-nominated actor Michael McKean.
"He's great. He's exactly who you'd think he'd be. He's a great guy. We had a lot of fun," Tudyk said of his costar McKean.

Playing God is now playing in select theaters and available on-demand.

In addition to the film, Tudyk is also busy with the second season of his hit Syfy series Resident Alien.

The show follows Tudyk's character Harry Vanderspeigle, an alien who lands on Earth and must blend into a small Colorado town.

As for what to expect in the second season, Tudyk said:

"Well, season one ended with a lot a lot of loose ends. What's going to happen next? We're going to answer all of those questions."
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