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Alec Baldwin is reprising his role as the secret agent Boss Baby in Boss Baby: Family Business, but with an interesting twist.

The Templeton brothers are all grown up!

In the sequel, the brothers drink a magic baby formula that reverts them back to their baby selves only for 48 hours.

Looking back at a time he'd like to relive, Baldwin opened up on an earlier time in his life.

"Well, it might be the moment my wife and I started talking about how many kids we wanted to have. We'd be having dinner in New York and fantasizing about how big a family we wanted to have, and I just wanted us to be really clear on what kind of path we were going to get on and just make sure we were absolutely sure we wanted to have six kids in seven years," Baldwin said.

Jokes aside, a time the actor shared he'd like to revisit is his youth with fellow actor brothers Stephen, Daniel and Billy Baldwin.

"Other than that, I would go back to playing ball with my brothers when we were kids. I come from a different time... no smart tablets, no smartphones, no cable, no internet, none of that. We went outside, and we played ball, you know what I mean, we played baseball, basketball, football. I'd probably go back and have one last great game with my brothers."

The first Boss Baby film was released in 2017, and according to IndieWire, grossed $528 million worldwide.

Other members of this star-studded ensemble cast are Eva Longoria, Lisa Kudrow, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Boss Baby: The Family Business is now in theater and streaming on Peacock.

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Celebrity Page TV

Celebrity Page TV

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