Hunter Clowdus Teases Upcoming Character Arcs In New Season Of 'All American' | Celebrity Page

All American is officially back with a new season after the tragic finale of season three.

Inspired by the real life story of NFL Superbowl champion Spencer Paysinger, All American follows the adventures of a high school American football player recruited for Beverly Hills High.

After the finale of season three fans, as well as the characters on the show, are still mourning the death of Coop.

But, the same cannot be said for Hunter Clowdus, who's on cloud nine for being cast as series regular after being a recurrent character in the past three seasons.

"It was one of the proudest moments of my life, just because of how long it took me to achieve it. It did in my heart feel earned," Clowdus said.

The series will reprise from where they left off, but Clowdus anticipated the key word for the beloved characters' journey: rebirth.

"The running theme on set this year has been rebirth. This season will be unlike any you've ever seen when it comes to All American," Clowdus said.

Season four of All American kicks off Monday, October 25th on the CW.

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