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To celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, YouTube is bringing in 12 creators and the charities of their choice for a competition show all about...wrapping presents?! Alton DuLaney is known as the world's most famous gift wrapper and now host of the YouTube Original series.

With guidance from DuLaney, each of the 12 creators compete to pull off the most ambitious gift wrapping challenges. Winners of each challenge earn money to pass on to the charity of their choice.

Alton DuLaney told Celebrity Page, this show is about more than just presents:

"The Great Gift Exchange is really a show about the celebration of giving, the joy of giving, and celebrating the art of gift wrapping. We've worked with all kinds of charities from Toys-for-tots to St. Jude's... a number of great charities we're giving to."

Knowing what kind of year 2020 has been, giving to those in need is even more important this holiday season. With parents out of work and kids out of school, even the most basic things feel like a luxury. One of those charities, No Kid Hungry is making sure those kids in need still get a school meal.

"What No Kid Hungry does, which is so incredible is that they provide the ability for those schools to keep giving meals even during the hard times like what 2020 has been."

Though watching YouTube creators compete for donations can be lovely holiday fun, viewers are encouraged too to get involved however they can.

"Giving is really one of the love languages. Whether we're giving to friends and family or whether we're giving for a greater cause. So, we really were trying to embrace that in the show."

WATCH the trailer:

The Great Gift Exchange is available now for free streaming! Now get to wrapping!!

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