We’re turning the #SeeHER spotlight to award-winning actress and activist America Ferrera!

From her role as the girl behind the braces in Ugly Betty, to her latest project Superstore, America Ferrera is known for breaking barriers for Latina women in TV and film.

Breaking Barriers On and Off Set

Offscreen, America Ferrera continues to use her platform to advocate for more authentic roles onscreen.

“I think that for our stories to become more authentic, we have to take a look at who gets to tell the stories. If we’re gonna tell the story of women or people of color, then we need to give women and people of color the creative power to tell their own authentic stories.”

America Ferrera Superstore

From Actress to Advocate

The Superstore star uses her roles to promote diverse representation in TV and film.

“I feel like I have just been so fortunate in my career to get to play characters that have represented women in new ways, from Real Women Have Curves to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, to Ugly Betty. And now to get to play Amy on this show [Superstore], where not only Amy, but all the female characters get to break boundaries and stereotypes. It’s so wonderful to get to show women in all their complexity, and not expect one single character in a show to embody the entire female experience.”

America Ferrera

Ferrera is making an impact beyond the world of acting, pushing for change behind the scenes as well.

“We’ve seen in the last year the amazing creative content that has come out of new voices, and new creative storytellers. And so I think that that has to shift. Who has the power to their own story matters, and so if we wanna see more authentic women onscreen, we need to get women writing, we need to get women producing, we need to get women in executive positions who understand the value of those stories, and who are green-lighting those stories. It has to happen across the board.”

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