Sarah Paulson on 'American Crime Story'

Sarah Paulson is busy, busy, BUSY, despite a slow summer in Hollywood. The 45-year-old actress is celebrating the release of her new Ratched which premiered today on Netflix. Meanwhile, this Emmy-winner is already prepping for new roles and projects.

Paulson recently called in to SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show to promote Ratched and ended up sharing some details about future projects as well. Along with being known for her recurring roles and appearances in American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson in also known for her role of "Marcia Clark" in American Crime Story.

Film and television productions came to a screeching halt in May due to COVID-19. Slowly but surely, sets have begun to reopen under strict pandemic protocols.

Paulson explained:

"We were about a week shy of starting that when the shutdown happened. So that was a little bit challenging because we were really ready to go. Obviously, not as challenging as it's been for, for the whole, you know, globally in terms of dealing with this. It's such a really terrifying time in so many ways."

She then went on to reveal that production for season three of American Crime Story could begin very soon.

"I've gotten the call and it looks like I'm going back to work next month. I've already had another prosthetic fitting and another two other costume fittings. And so it does seem like we are going ahead. All the sets are built, the white house Linda's house. Monica's apartment. We are definitely beginning it."

Paulson will be playing the role of "Linda Tripp" in the new storyline centered around the impeachment of Bill Clinton. The real Linda Tripp passed away in early April due to causes unrelated to COVID-19.


In her interview with SiriusXM, the actress also explains how she owes much of her career to Jessica Lange after Lange roped her in to the first season of American Horror Story. For the full story on how she landed the role, watch the interview here.

You can see Sarah Paulson in her new series, Ratched, now streaming on Netflix!

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