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It's back! The animated comedy American Dad is showing its 18th season on TBS.

The show created by Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane, is sticking around for another season as the CIA agent Stan Smith is bringing him and his family on more adventures.

The show has been on-air for over 15 years and has no signs of slowing down now. It airs every Monday at 10 p.m. ET on TBS.

American Dad has been a fan favorite for a while, so If you enjoy that, Ranker.com's Watchworthy app gave Celebrity Page TV some recommendations for more shows that you statistically would like.

First up, The Venture Brothers on Adult swim. This show is parody based off of a 60's cartoon classic, Johny Quest, that will have the whole room laughing.

The show has been around for more than 15 years and follows the lives of superheroes, villains and henchman all made from members of the family and their body guard.

This is one of Adult Swims longest running original series with the fewest amount of season produced. In September the series creator, Jackson Publick had announced the show was cancelled, but Adult Swim was working on ways to keep the story-line going.

Ranker.com says this show can me complex to follow, so be sure to start from the beginning. A free 24-hour marathon is happening on Adult Swim Monday, April 26th!

The next series to keep your eye on is John Gaser Loves Gear. This might not be an animated comedy, but it is so off the wall that it might just feel like it.

John Glaser Loves Gear is a fake documentary that follows the life of John Glaser who makes a comedy a real-life personal problem. HIs love for gear drives this docu-series on an outdoor, sports and entertainment filled adventure.

You can watch it on TruTV.

The last show you are proven to love involved some of your favorite drama shows, but with an absolute twist.

Children's Hospital is the name of this series that is all parts of funny, weird, and dramatic. The show is a parody of medical dramas that are fan favorites like Grey's Anatomy and House. Big named actors like, Ken Marino and Rob Cubile are main characters making this comedy shine.

Although this show is no longer on the air, that does not mean it cant be found on the internet to watch.

Every episode can be found on Hulu so you can watch the crazy and bizarre things these characters do.

Childrens Hospital

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