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Spoiler alert: he doesn't sing in this.

Don't get too spooked!

American Horror Stories is Ryan Murphy's new spin-off show from the popular American Horror Story series.

Every episode of this show is standalone story, which veers off of American Horror Story's pattern of a new theme every season. Notable actors from the main series include Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, Jessica Lange and more.

American Horror Stories features brand new characters in Ryan's world... one of which is played by none other than Kevin McHale.

Fans first fell in love with Kevin McHale's strong portrayal of high school misfit and talented performer, Artie, in Ryan Murphy's hit musical-drama show, Glee.

Now, the former Glee star is reuniting with the TV titan on the new horror show.

"We were talking about something else, and [Murphy] goes, 'I'm working on this new thing, I want you and Nico to come do it.' I'm like, 'Okay, great! Say no more, I'm sold! It's nice to see that people stick around, he takes care of his people and it was a nice little reunion. This was a dream where I could actually go into the world of 'Horror Stories' and live out all those slasher fantasies," Kevin said.

Kevin stars in the fourth episode of the weekly anthology series as an influencer posting problematic videos online.

"We're not the nicest people. We're more the Logan Paul side of things. We're all sort of playing the opposite of who we are in real life: these caricatures of human beings, these almost like cartoonish characters... and we mess with the wrong person," Kevin said.

But the most influential man around… Santa Claus… quickly puts the viral friend group on the "naughty list."

"Horror ensues...so it's death or nothing," Kevin added with a laugh.

Kevin also stars alongside Danny Trejo, who plays the sinister Santa Claus, and fellow bad-boy influencers such as Riverdale's Charles Melton, Pose's DyllΓ³n Burnside and The Prom's Nico Greetham.

You can watch the debut season of American Horror Stories on Thursdays on FX on Hulu.

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