Amy Poehler's 'Wine Country' is a Dream Ensemble of Funny Women

Amy Poehler catapulted into the mainstream for her hilarious work on Saturday Night Live, but now she's taking her career to the next level as the director of Wine Country, a new comedy film on Netflix.

"It's all downhill from here. That's for sure." - Amy Poehler

The movie stars Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Paula Bell, and Ana Gasteyer as friends whose Napa Valley vacation makes them question their future and relationships.

There will be drinking and singing -- and the cast wasted no time previewing either for our interview!

"Sing louder if you're nervous." - Amy Poehler

How to Approach Celebrities 101

Since we had so many big-name stars in our midst, we took the opportunity to ask the dos-and-don'ts of how someone should approach a celebrity in public.

"Don't do dining." - Rachel Dratch

"Read the room for kids first." - Ana Gasteyer

"But like, on the street -- I never mind on the street." - Rachel Dratch

"You don't need the picture. Just be like, 'Hey! What's up?'" - Tina Fey

Group Selfies Done Right

Wine Country also introduces viewers to a new way of taking group selfies that will surely become a thing.

"You've gotta look down, and then look up." - Maya Rudolph

"You look up fresh-faced, as if you've just been caught unawares." - Amy Poehler

"We are not of the selfie generation ... so it's gonna take us a minute to get a good one." - Amy Poehler

You can take a trip to Wine Country on Netflix.

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