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Amy Poehler serves as both director and actor in her new comedy-drama film Moxie, and we got to hear all about it from the star herself.

Moxie tells the story of a 16-year-old girl who is fed up with her high school's toxicity and sexist status quo. She finds motivation to fight back through learning about her mom's rebellious and nonconformist past. Correspondent Rachel Smith sat down with Amy to discuss the importance of this empowering, coming-of-age high school drama. We asked the comedian what her favorite similar movie was while she was a teen:
"Well I loved John Hughes, I loved Molly Ringwald, I loved that character... She represented this girl that was kind of in the middle who wasn't too much of anything but was really paying attention to her world and feeling a lot of feelings."

Amy, who plays the main character's mother, went on to explain the importance of young adult films and the depiction of teens within them:

"And the YA genre does a beautiful job of having really big themes and big feelings, and I think we all agreed that we wanted to make something that didn't condescend to young people because what they're feeling is very important to them; it's not funny or a joke or easily dismissed, so that was I think one of our intentions."

We also sat down with Hadley Robinson, who plays Vivian in the film, to ask if it could get any better than working with Amy both as a director and as an on-screen mother:

"No it does not. I peaked and it's all downhill from here."

If you can't wait to see this movie, which adds to list of incredible movies this year made by female filmmakers, you can stream Moxie on Netflix now!

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Celebrity Page TV

Celebrity Page TV

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