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Amy Poehler's Funniest 'Saturday Night Live' Skits

One of Hollywood's funniest actresses Amy Poehler gained fame joining the cast of Saturday Night Live.

From SNL to Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler is equal parts hilarious and prolific.

Amy Poehler got her start on Saturday Night Live in 2001, delivering laughs and nailing her impressions of Kelly Ripa, Hillary Clinton and Sharon Osbourne. In 2004, she became a co-anchor of Weekend Update with former SNL star Tina Fey and now Late Night host Seth Meyers. Poehler left the NBC series in 2008 and made a name for herself as comedian and actor, starring in films like Inside Out, Baby Mama, The House and more. Poehler has also produced several TV series, directed a film, and released a book. Not to mention her Golden Globe winning performance as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation.

In honor of Poehler's birthday, we taking a look back at some of her most hilarious skits on SNL.

Happy Birthday, Amy!

Bush Twins

During the mid-2000's, former President George W. Bush and his family were a hot topic. In this comedic skit, Poehler and Fey poke fun at the Bush Twins. The girls discuss their father's impact and legacy played the honorable Will Forte as President Bush. What makes the skit hilarious is the secret twin language they share so their father can't understand them.

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