BBC Two is airing a documentary, Amy Winehouse: Ten Years On, a decade to the day since the extraordinary singer tragically passed away.

The documentary will be told primarily from the perspective of Winehouse's mother, Janis. The motivation behind the making of this documentary is Janis's 2003 diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She'd like to document her memories before the disease "completely strips her memories of Amy" according to BBC.

In addition to the mother's perspective, the documentary will also feature testimonials from family and friends regarding the person behind the late singer.

Time for a Redo

While the documentary on her life, Amy, won the Oscar for best documentary, her family has distanced themselves from that project, taking issue with the manner in which their late relative was portrayed.

So, while it would be much preferred to let Winehouse tell her own story, at least we can get a project from her family.

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