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Widely known for his work on SNL and his comedy specials, Pete Davidson is now starring in a film that hits close to home. Loosely based on his life, The King of Staten Island takes a deep look into what Davidson's life may have been like had he never found comedy.

The film centers around Scott, a 24-year-old male going through a tough time figuring himself out after his father, a fireman, passed away while saving others in a hotel fire. Davidson lost his father on 9/11 and has been open with his struggles regarding his death. He delivers a stellar performance and helps viewers truly understand how a tragedy as horrific as this one effects a whole family, especially a child. The King of Staten Island helps viewers see the struggles he endured in his childhood and how he is trying to let the pain go. Scott explores his father's past in the firehouse and eventually is able to come to terms that his father was a hero, and as Steve Buscemi himself said in the film:

"Hero's are necessary and they should be allowed to have families. But I know it means, you know, that people suffer."

Davidson describes the film as a way to move on:

"This movie is like my love letter to my mom and trying to end that part of my life. I feel like maybe we got to a place where we can finally let go a little bit."

Director Judd Apatow also spoke about how viewers will be able to understand Davidson better after watching:

"I think people are interested in his struggle and they want to know how are you doing and what happened to you. 'The King of Staten Island' is an opportunity for Pete to tell you about himself."

Davidson also made sure to give his friends and family important roles in the movie. One of his best friends, Ricky Velez, spoke about the importance of the film:

"It's just so cool to watch this story finally come alive and watch Pete take something that is so vulnerable. I think a lot of people don't understand Pete and this is a nice little look into his life."

The King of Staten Island is out now on Video on Demand.

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