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Ana Gasteyer is continuing to reinvent herself in Hollywood.

Gasteyer is starring in the new NBC show American Auto, where her character is the CEO of a car company.

"As a person who is kind of a CEO of our own little company, I do feel like it's a good time for this role on television. She's brought in to move the company into the future and she comes from Big Pharma, so her morals are somewhat questionable. But, she's a good girl boss and she doesn't know anything about cars, but she doesn't let that stand in her way," Gasteyer said.

The actress has been constantly motivating herself since her time on Saturday Night Live. The star has built her brand by writing and producing films, along with recording her own music.

"You have to kind of invent things as you go. I mean if you can't as an actor, there are plenty of actors I guess that sit around waiting for the phone to ring, but I get bored."

However, the star is extremely thankful to SNL, since her close bonds with her co-stars remain tight to this day.

"It's the greatest thing that's come out of the show for me. I mean obviously it's a once in a lifetime and career-making show. It changed the trajectory of everything."

American Auto airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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