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Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak Talk About Their New Album

#BrunoMars and #AndersonPaak talked about their new album as #SilkSonic with #SiruiusXM today!

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak called into Sirius XM's The Morning Mash Up today to discuss their new project as Silk Sonic. They talked about how they met, Bootsy Collins making a guest appearance, and more!

What Can We Expect? 

"The best part about this situation is that it felt like being a kid again", Mars told Sirius, "When I say that I mean growing up playing music, you'd lock yourself in the garage with your friend. Andy on the drums, me on the guitar, working out the parts, and just trying to write the best songs we possibly can. And hopefully if we like it, then the world is going to like it."

How They Met

The stars met on tour in 2017, when .Paak performed as the opener for Mars during his tour for 24k Magic.

When asked about how the album materialized, Mars and .Paak joked that Anderson was paying off a gambling debt to Bruno, but in reality, Mars said:

"We started hanging out at the — booking studio sessions when we were out in Europe in these foreign studios and started writing."

Bootsy Collins

On needing someone like Collins to put the project together, .Paak said:

"We put the setlist of doom together, and we needed somebody, a real OG, to host it and guide everything along."

Getting a legend like that to participate in your album is nothing to scoff at, and Mars paid his respects to the legend, bringing it back once again to the childhood feeling of the album:

"He represents what a superstar is. I mean, from the whole package, everything, from the silhouette, the glasses, and we grew up listening to that."

An Alter Ego?

In a recent collab with Lacoste, Bruno has been releasing clothing under the pseudonym Ricky Regal, something he elaborated on for the first time in this interview:

The truth is, Lacoste said, "Bruno, you can do whatever you want. Design whatever you want." And for me, I was like, "Well, I want to wear the stuff that I design, and I don't want it to say 'Bruno Mars.' And Bruno Mars is the guy that sings. So basically, that's tour merch." I'm a designer now, Sirius. And that designer's name is Ricky Regal.

Leave The Door Open

Based on the first single, linked above, Leave the Door Open, we've got nothing but greatness coming in the next few weeks. Watch out as Silk Sonic takes over music one groove at a time.

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