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The housewife wrangler recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to talk the past and future.

Andy Cohen reunited with Jimmy Kimmel for the first time since the start of the pandemic to discuss his infamous drunken rant on New Years Eve.

Cohen reports that he had Covid at the very start of the outbreak. While he can laugh about it now, at the time, he was mostly concerned with spreading it to his young son, as well as Anderson Cooper and his young son. Cohen and Cooper flew together while Cohen was unknowingly infected, but Cooper miraculously (and fortunately) did not contract the virus.

With how close Cooper and Cohen are, Kimmel couldn't help but remind the audience of Cohen's drunken rant on CNN during their New Year's Eve broadcast, where he slammed Bill DeBlasio. Cohen claims he regrets nothing, saying,

"We had a blast on New Years Eve. I hope everyone did watching. I gotta tell you something---it is super fun getting smashed on CNN and just raging on a soapbox."

In the moments after his rant, Cohen says he didn't even remember what he had said.

"We got in the car after and I saw on Twitter the rant that I did about DeBlasio, and I did not recall--though it was about forty minutes earlier--saying 'sayonara sucka' to the outgoing mayor of New York. And I go 'Oh my god', and Anderson said 'What?' and I go, 'I said sayonara sucka!' and he goes 'Yes you did.'"

Kimmel and Cohen then turned to the future, discussing Cohen recieving his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cohen says he's "thrilled", especially after seeing where it will be.

"I'm right by Rupaul and the Gogos, which I think is a happening little area."

Cohen's ceremony will take place on Friday, 2/4, which is coincidentally also his son's third birthday. He says his family will all be together, and have a joint celebration for the occasion.

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