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Angelina Jolie has just arrived in Yemen to aid refugees during the crisis in Ukraine.

Jolie is currently assisting the United Nations Refugee Agency in Yemen, as the war unfolds in Ukraine. She shared a post with her Instagram followers about her mission in Yemen.

Jolie said in her caption:

"I've landed in Aden, to meet displaced families and refugees for UNHCR @refugees and show my support for the people of Yemen."

She also added:

"Everyone deserves the same compassion, the lives of civilian victims of conflict everywhere are of equal value."

As a United Nations Ambassador, she says she wants to "ensure the protection and basic human rights of those displaced, and refugees in the region."

Jolie has continuously used her platform to bring awareness to the severity of crises across the world and has made it her mission to help those in need.

Angelina Jolie aids displaced families and refugees in Yemen

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