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Angelina Jolie Graces Cover of 'British Vogue'

Angelina and family take 'British Vogue'

Angelina Jolie is gracing the March cover of British Vogue.

The Oscar-winner took front and center in a camel-colored ensemble, looking as stunning as ever. The spread included various shots of the sta, giving an intimate glimpse into her life with her six children.


With a super successful career and strikingly beautiful family, it's easy to believe that Jolie has it all together. But the star reminds us that that's simply not the case. Jolie said:

"I feel like I'm lacking in all the skills to be a traditional stay-at-home mom. I'm managing through it because the children are quite resilient, and they're helping me, but I'm not good at it at all."


In fact, Jolie actually envisioned her life to be different from most "traditional" moms.

She said:

"Even though I wanted to have many children and be a mom, I always imagined it kind of like Jane Goodall, traveling in the middle of the jungle somewhere. I didn't imagine it in that true, traditional sense."


In honor of the actress' new cover, British Vogue also released a "What's In My Bag" video to share everything that Jolie keeps in her bag. The list includes sunglasses, allergy medicine, and of course, chocolate.

Angelina Jolie: In The Bag | Episode 44 | British Vogue

You can get the March issue of British Vogue on stands now!

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