Anthony Anderson’s Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Comedian and star of the hit TV show Black-ish Anthony Anderson is taking guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! seriously. As the first of many guest hosts to sit in for Jimmy Kimmel, Anderson talked current events with deadpan humor.

Anderson's First Segment

In the brief monologue, Anderson checks in with Guillermo, talks wild 4th of July parties, and less wild ones like Donald Trump's White House celebration. Anderson also talks about Kanye West running for president (without filing any of the paperwork), and he even has a helpful tip for white people.

"You love your fellow man, and you want your Black brothers and sisters to know you're one of the good ones. But how do you do that besides tweeting how much you love Hamilton? It's easy to say you aren't racist, but how do you show it? What you need is a BFF — a Black fictional friend."

Anderson brought on his Black-ish costar Tracee Eliis Ross as his first guest!

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