i-On Skincare

In a world full of skincare products and routines, one new company is paving the way for age disrupting. We had the pleasure of speaking with the company's CEO about their brand new product that's a must add to your cabinet.

FE: I Beauty Tech was founded by Dr. Xi Huang in 2018, whom is one of the world's leading experts on the negative health impact of excess iron on the body. In June 2020, Missy Godfrey joined the company as CEO, and she spoke with us about their new break through product called i-On Skincare.

"In June I became the CEO of a new women's health company called FE:I Beauty Tech and I'm very excited to share news about a break thru new product we are introducing, i-On Skincare. Leveraging patented technology developed by one of the world's leading research experts on iron and health, i-On Skincare safely removes excess iron from the skin, the root cause of free radicals that create skin aging. This is a game changer in beauty and health, and especially for women going thru and post menopause because of the significant build up of excess iron on the skin.

Our advisor Joe Gubernick, who ran R&D and Innovation at Estée Lauder for over 3 decades, says it's the biggest thing he's seen since retinol - and he thinks it's bigger!

I'm very pleased to offer you a free 0.51 fl oz deluxe sample of our skin cream ($50 value), which should provide about a 2 week supply. You'll be part of an exclusive group of women to sample the product in advance of the launch to the public in March; if you like it a fraction as much as the women in our clinical trials, you'll also appreciate a follow up 20% discount we'll provide for an initial purchase! "

Just follow these simple directions to reserve your free gift NOW:Use this link to go to the deluxe sample product page on our site. You'll see $50 but just click add to bag and use this code to zero out the charge for your free sample at checkout.


Promo Code: IONDLX-20-FFN

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