Anwar Hadid is setting the record straight, after stirring up controversy regarding his stance on the Covid-19 vaccine.


On December 28th, Hadid took to Instagram Story to clarify that he is "not anti vax." He said:

"Im not 'anti vax' I think everyone has to be careful with each vaccine individually looking at positive and possible negative effects. I have taken vaccines before but As someone who has had a compromised immune system , I want to continue to learn about the many ways i can protect myself and others."

Hadid went on to say that he "never meant to offend anyone" and expressed his gratitude to the many "frontline workers and doctors and the powerful work they have done."

The controversy caught wind on December 27th, when the model told his 3.8 million Instagram followers that he "absolutely" would not get the Covid-19 vaccine.

On December 27th, Hadid wrote:

"Either i just dont get [coronavirus] or i get it and god willing heal from it and get antibodies rather than do that process unnaturally. Our bodies are made by the creator to do way more than we think."

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