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Ariana Grande's fragrance is hitting the shelves at Ulta online sometime in the near future. The product's name, 'God is a Woman', is titled after one of her most iconic singles.

The singer announced the perfume, which is encased in a chunky, white bottle with purple glass in the interior, on her Twitter account on June 14th. While the scent and base notes of the perfume are still unknown to the public, many fans are speculating it to have element of lavender due to its color.

'God is a Woman' is far from Grande's first experience in the fragrance world. Her current perfume lineup includes 'Thank U, Next', titled after her critically acclaimed album of the same name, which is a sweet, floral scent. She also has 'R.E.M', named after a track in her 2018 album Sweetener, which has a dreamy, musky aroma, and 'Cloud', which is simple yet woody. There is also "Ari", which is crispy and fruity, 'Sweet Like Candy', which smells like its title, and 'Moonlight' which is a creamy vanilla scent. They can be purchased on Ulta's website.

The scent is the newest sneak peak to Grande's beauty line, which is rumored to contain skin care and shower gels.

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