In a recent statement, the executive producer of Arthur, Carol Greenwald, revealed that the show would conclude in 2022 after its 25th season. This would mark the end of the longest-running animated kids series in American history, though potential spinoffs and sequels have been hinted at.

Based on the Arthur Adventure book series by Marc Brown, Arthur debuted on PBS in 1996 and quickly attracted a loyal following. The show was a joint effort between various US and Canadian production companies, though the entire cast lived in either Montreal or Toronto and nearly every segment was recorded in Canada.

Arthur follows Arthur Read, an 8-year-old human-aardvark hybrid, as he goes through elementary school and makes new discoveries about family, friendship, and life. The show often featured characters from a variety of classes, cultures, and lifestyles, and zestfully tackled serious issues like asthma, cancer, diabetes, and dyslexia. Occasionally, it even attracted criticism from conservative groups for featuring same-sex couples; in 2019, Alabama Public Television refused to air an episode that contained a gay wedding. Above all else, Arthur prioritized education, with nearly every episode offering a lesson to its viewers.

The show's conclusion has been speculated about ever since Arthur writer Kathy Waugh revealed on a podcast in early July that all production had ceased on the show. "I think Arthur should come back. I know I'm not alone in thinking they made a mistake," said Waugh, who had written for and developed the show since the beginning.

Though Arthur is ending, it will remain on PBS KIDS indefinitely, according to Greenwald. Other shows in the Arthur cinematic universe might also be in the works; PBS has explored the possibility before with 2004 spinoff Postcards from Buster. The show ran for four years before going on indefinite hiatus, resuming in 2012 only to be cancelled after airing three previously-unreleased episodes from its third season.

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