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While in quarantine, model Ashley Graham was not going to let an opportunity for another cover shoot go by! Already covering Harper's Bazaar three times, this time around was more personal for Graham. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, her and her husband Justin Ervin and their newborn baby Isaac decided to quarantine in Lincoln, Nebraska at Graham's childhood home. Instead of cancelling the shoot, she wanted to get it done with the help of her family.

The Photoshoot

While doing this shoot, Graham was surrounded by family. The photos are accredited to Justin Ervin, Graham's husband who works as a film director. Graham says that her mother held baby Isaac up and held up reflectors during the shoot. Her mother's boyfriend had the role of getting Starbucks and helping with lighting. Although Graham's grandfather died six years ago, he still had a role in the shoot. Some photos were taken in his pickup truck.

They wanted to film during what some call "golden hour" or the time right before the sun sets. Graham also says that she did her own hair and didn't even put mascara on. She wanted to appear as she does naturally for this shoot. For a few of the photos, Graham is seen wearing some pieces from Kim Kardashian's line of undergarments, Skims.

Overall, this photoshoot can be described as homey and intimate, which is exactly how some of us can be feeling during this time at home. Like Graham, some of us are without makeup and sometimes without putting pants on, except we don't look as camera ready as she does!

The Interview

Bazaar UK's interview with Ashley Graham covered topics such as quarantine and entering motherhood. Graham did the interview over Skype while at her mother's house, where she talks about how grateful she is to be spending time with her newborn son and how she is adjusting to motherhood. Despite the pandemic, she focuses on the positive and says:

"The silver lining is having all of these incredible, special moments with Isaac, and the nostalgia of being with my son in the home I grew up in. I've had time to focus, and I'm so grateful."

Although the lockdown has stopped the production for many projects, Ashley Graham worked around this obstacle to complete her cover shoot with Harper's Bazaar.

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