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Ava DuVernay may just be the busiest woman in Hollywood!

DuVernay is an Oscar nominated and Emmy winning producer and director. This year, she has her plate full with a plethora of upcoming projects. Firstly, she is the producer and director of NBC's Home Sweet Home:

"This idea came out of being quarantined during the pandemic and I thought 'I wanna go in some other people's houses. I wanna see how other people live.' and through that, to celebrate the differences that we all have but also to embrace the similarities and there's more than you'd think."

DuVernay is no stranger to directing shows that turned out to be hits. For example, she is the woman behind such brilliant drama series as the critically acclaimed retelling of the Central Park Five, When They See Us. This year, she is branching off into other genres like reality TV with Home Sweet Home.

Not only that, but she's also teaming up with football legend and activist Colin Kapernick to tell his story in Colin In Black & White. The drama specifically tells the story Colin's experience growing up in California and the adversity he faced.

"What happened to Colin as he was young that kind of created, put him on the road to becoming who he is now? Right? That's really the story that we were interested in telling."

That was DuVernay on her motivation behind creating the Netflix limited series which features Kapernick as the narrator of his life story.

Kapernick is portrayed by up-and-coming actor Jaden Michael. His co-stars include Mary Louise Parker and Nick Offerman who portray Kapernick's adoptive parents, Teresa and Rick.

"What we kind of wanted to play with is the idea that nothing is really in black and white. There are shades of gray. There is nuance to everything."

Colin in Black & White is available now on Netflix and Home Sweet Home airs Fridays on NBC.

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