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Fifteen women returned to the Season 25 Bachelor (2002-) "Women Tell All" special, confronting one another on the drama and toxic environment in the home.

Return of the Queens

Yesterday's episode of The Bachelor featured the return of Katie Thurston, Pieper James, Serena Chew, Chelsea Vaughn, Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt, Jessenia Cruz, MJ Snyder, Anna Redman, Kit Keenan, Brittany Galvin, Ryan Claytor, Mari Pepin, Khaylah Epps, and, of course, Queen Victoria Larson.

Everyone vs. Everyone

First up, we dealt with the MJ and Jessenia drama. MJ was sent home after Jessenia told bachelor Matt James about MJ's role in the toxic environment of the home. If you don't remember, Matt was on a quest to eliminate all of the mean girls.

At the "Women Tell All" both women stand by their position with Jessenia arguing that MJ never owned up to her role in the bullying in the home and MJ disagreeing, saying she told Matt everything he needed to know. Based off our viewing, it's pretty obvious Jessenia's in the right, but we never know with The Bachelor production team.

Queen Victoria was chewed out during last night's special. First Ryan confronted her on the derogatory terms she used to describe Ryan, to which Victoria responds with essentially, "What's the big deal?" The Queen argues she's been through worse and Ryan's just sensitive.

However, Larson did a full 180 when it came to Katie. Victoria apologizes to the marketing manager for calling her "disgusting" repeatedly and her apology is accepted.

Okay, so, many predicted Katie to be the next Bachelorette (2003-), but after seeing how many women had an issue with her last night, all bets may be off the table.

Chelsea took a stab at Katie first arguing the environment Katie claims is so "toxic" wasn't even toxic until Katie told Matt. Mari agrees and shouts, "You came at Sarah harder than almost anybody, and you flipped the switch the next day… That's fake as hell!" Then, Pieper asks the ultimate question, why did Katie have to run to Matt before resolving her issues with the ladies?

To all of this Katie explained her time on the show sucked and it was only fair for her to do something about it.

The Brittany Slander

For a little refresher, towards the first half of this season, contestant Anna thought it would be better for her relationship with Matt to start a rumor that fellow contestant Brittany was an escort.

This lie got Anna immediately sent home, however Brittany had to deal with aftermath explaining she was even too ashamed to see her family. Anna apologizes during the episode, but Brittany reveals the copywriter never reached out to her off-camera, so she can't accept that apology.

Where's Heather?

Okay, so... Heather was there. For a little recap, Heather Martin is the contestant who bombarded this season of The Bachelor with her surprise entry weeks into the show's start. Heather competed on Colton Underwood's season and was referred to Matt by their mutual friend Bachelorette Hannah Brown, however Heather was turned away.

So, in the "Women Tell All" the back of Martin's head is in a couple of shots, but not a single word is heard. You mean to tell us the one-episode gal who stirred the pot by driving herself to the estate in a minivan had nothing to say? Various outlets speculate her interview was edited out, but why?

The Dates That Weren't Seen for a Reason

Yesterday's special also featured clips from never-before-seen dates including a blind search for rings in a box of insects, a pancake and beer downing contest, hide and seek in the forest, and raw egg chugging.

The Kindest of Them All

Abigail sat down during the special to discuss the positive feedback she has received from the deaf community and her vulnerable conversation with Matt on her hearing impairment struggle. Chris Harrison reads tweets to Abigail with one mom stating,

"Abigail, my daughter is 7 and bilaterally implanted. Seeing the representation and you not being afraid to be who you are makes my heart SO happy."

Serena P.'s Second Thoughts

Serena P. had a surprise exit during last week's hometown visits based on her realization that Matt wasn't her soulmate. The publicist explains she would do nothing different. Pitt believes she would've done a disservice to Matt if she stayed because she still cares about him so much

Matt Returns

Bachelor Matt James returned to talk to Chris and his former love interests. No single conversation truly stuck out and the consensus was: there are no hard feelings.

The group then sat down to watch the creepiest video of Matt kissing the girls... with his eyes open.

Blooper Season!

This season's bloopers featured everything from rejection by animals, cringy toasts, bugs galore, "carp-ment-lizing", hits and fall after fall after fall. Most importantly, the reel featured a hot wing sit down between Matt and Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Jojo Fletcher. A moment we were all robbed of.

Fantasy Suites Coming Next Week

We really feel for Matt at this point. Next week's preview shows a million cheesy "I'm in love with you" confessions during the fantasy suites and then slaps us in the face with a sit-down between Matt and his dad. Whether Matt is devastated towards the end of the preview, either from that confrontation or a surprise exit, all we know is we're in the ride of a lifetime.

A new episode of The Bachelor premieres next Monday on ABC.

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