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Bachelor Alum Demi Burnett has opened up about her experience being diagnosed with autism.

The 27-year-old former Bachelor contestant revealed her diagnosis via Instagram.

She said,

"MAYBE A TRIGGER WARNING I DON'T KNOW BUT HEADS UP. I did a psychological evaluation and I'm autistic."

She acknowledged the stigma surrounding autism and encourages a more positive mindset towards it.

"There is a huge stigma when it comes to autism. I encourage you to be open-minded and accepting." Burnett said via Instagram

Burnett continued,

"I will share more on my story of my evaluation and how I got to this point and all of my pain and struggles along the way." Burnett shared via Instagram

She also wanted to use her announcement to let her fans know if they are going through the same thing or something similar, that they are not alone.

"I want to make sure anyone who is/was feeling like me can know you really aren't alone. It can get better! And most importantly it isn't your fault ❤️." Burnett shared via Instagram

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