BAFTA Awards

Following the news that the Oscars will be postponed to April 25th, the 2021 BAFTAs will be delayed, too.

BAFTA Statement

BAFTA released a statement announcing a new date for the show:

"This change from the previously announced date of Feb. 14 acknowledges the impact of the global pandemic and accommodates an extended eligibility period. Further details on the ceremony will be announced later in the year."

Prior to this, BAFTA also delayed its TV Awards, which were supposed to take place in May and are now being held on July 31st. This event will be very different from years past, as it will take place in a closed studio and nominees will accept their awards virtually.

BAFTA is also working on releasing new diversity standards. BAFTAs film committee chair Marc Samuelson shared details of the new plans:

"BAFTA has worked for the last three years with the BFI, and has been consulting with AMPAS, with the hope being that between the three organizations, we can create standards that will apply everywhere. It means that all of the various awards can be subject to passing diversity standards. That should in turn galvanize the progress of diversity across the whole industry."

With the change of dates, more time is also allowed to review possible nominations. Fans cannot wait for 2021 to see their favorite award shows (hopefully) get back to normal.

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