Barbara Eden is a living legend, with an incredible career across film and television. While she may be most recognizable for her role as “Jeannie” on the iconic I Dream of Jeannie (1965) television series, she has also starred in more than 20 feature films and made-for-TV movies, and had appearances in a variety of TV shows and specials.

How did Eden's Hollywood wish come true? She credits the YWCA.

The YWCA's Hollywood Legacy

At an event in which the YWCA of Greater Los Angeles honored Eden, she spoke about how the organization helped her at the outset of her career.

"I'm very grateful to the YWCA, because I was one of the young women at the Studio Club, and, of course, the YWCA ran it."

When Eden was beginning to make a name for herself, the YWCA's Studio Club was an organization that helped to house and feed young women pursuing the arts. In terms of where she would be without that early support, the star was very candid.

"Oh, I probably wouldn't even be here."

When Eden moved into the YWCA Studio Club, she joined a who's who of stars on the rise. This created, not just the circumstances for success, but unforgettable memories, some of which she shared with us.

“As I was moved in, Kim Novak was moving out, and of course working with Lucille Ball; my third job in Hollywood. That, I will never forget.”

Now celebrating 125 years of empowering women, the YWCA of Los Angeles continues its proud legacy as it continues to support new generations.

Visit YWCAGLA.ORG and give your shoutout for a cause.

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