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Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are quite literally household names thanks to their hit show!

Bargain Block is currently airing its sophomore season and raking in big numbers every week on HGTV.

"'Bargain Block' is all about us taking multiple homes on a single block in Detroit and they're all abandoned homes. We renovate them, style them up and make them perfect for first-time home buyers," Evan Thomas said.

Hosted by business partners and fiancés Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, the show attracted more than 20 million viewers in its freshman season.

"It is really crazy to think about. We were at Pride and you see like a million people at once and that is really overwhelming. The fact that 20 times that have seen our show is kind of overwhelming," Keith Bynum said.

Speaking of Pride, the stars have been very open about their relationship and the hardships they've faced in the construction and carpenter industry.

"We always try and be as inclusive as we can in our company. But Keith actually has a lot of experiences in the construction industry and a lot of homophobia and not super great employment opportunities for people like us," Evan Thomas said.
"It just really stuck with me how I was treated in the construction field in different parts of the world. Detroit never one time has had any kind of issue. We've always felt very welcomed and very at home there. We just don't give up. I don't ever let anybody dictate how I'm going to live my life. I don't think that that's something anybody should do," Keith Bynum said.

As the duo approaches ten years being together and five years being engaged, the couple still doesn't have any immediate plans to tie the knot.

"I'm going to have to do it before we can't... that's terrifying. We are really really swamped. I don't want it to be an afterthought. I want to have the time to put it together like we want. I don't want it to be big or crazy, but I want it to be memorable and special. At this point in Texas, it's common law after seven years, so technically we're married if we go by the South rules," Keith Bynum said.

Until the big day, fans can catch Evan and Keith every Wednesday in Bargain Block on HGTV.

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