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It's something we all do. We don't talk about it.

The bathroom. As uncomfortable as it is to talk about, it must be spoken about. Here are our tips and tricks on how to make you look less like a fool when taking care of your stool. The bathroom.

New mother's call it their sanctuary while others call it their only peaceful moment of the day. Some just refer to it as a place to drop the kids off at the pool. Needless to say, it's something we all have in common: Sitting on the porcelain throne. With these last few months being what they were, whether it's living with roommates, your partner, your kids, or your parents, sharing a bathroom in your house or apartment can be tricky and sometimes a bit icky. Here are some tips and tools so that you're not a fool when it comes to taking care of your stools. Remember when air freshener came out and it was so exciting that you could spray a stream of freshness only to really find out that it just masked the scent of something pretty unpleasant like a floral smelling dirty diaper? Well our friends at Poopourri fixed that.

Poopourri works the opposite! As opposed to spraying after you light the bathroom up with an act of mother nature, Poopourri (Poopourri.com) works before you go. Spray a few sprays directly on to the toilet water itself, and boom. Time for action. Now you are in the clear to pass the chocolate delights.

Now, since were already being graphic lets stay on this path. Have you ever scooted over the nearby trash can while in the bathroom and put your feet up on it while sitting on the can because it was more comfortable? Research has actually shown that we were meant to squat while getting rid of the goods. Your body actually relies on a bend in the colon… and without getting much more graphic, helps you expel waste more easily. Insert Squatty Potty (squattypotty.com).

Not just a funny name, but toilet stools that actually lift your legs up and place them higher than the floor while you do your business aligning your colon correctly only to have you feeling free, loose, and especially empty.

Lastly, and not to get too personal, but do you take a probiotic? And no eating yogurt once a month doesn't count. If you are not sure what a probiotic is, it is actually live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you and help with digestion, and … keep you regular if you know what I mean.

Companies like Garden of Life (gardenoflife.com) or Dr Ohiras (drohhiraprobiotics.com) probiotics are a great fit for someone who is just trying to be a bit more regular like yourself…. Get what I mean?

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