Javicia Leslie Steps In As "Batwoman"

Javicia Leslie will step into the DC Universe this January, fighting crime in The CW's "Batwoman." Answering the Bat Signal after the departure of Ruby Rose, Javicia will be introduced as the new character, Ryan Wilder who will don the cape and safeguard Gotham as "Batwoman."

Introducing a new character in an iconic role is always tricky, but the show has crocheted a backstory for Ryan that viewers should find engaging. What will not change however, is the delineation of the character as an openly gay woman. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, which Javicia is proud to continue to represent, she also has the distinction of being the first black woman to play the title character on a superhero show. Her predecessor, Ruby Rose couldn't be happier...

Javicia has made a point of always being true to herself and is very assured and self-aware of what really matters...

"It's not really about what your sexual orientation is, it's about just being a human being and I wish everything was looked at that way instead of us having to divide and separate and entitle everyone."

With a new challenge and the DC Universe in front of her, our #SeeHER Celebrity Spotlight celebrates Javicia Leslie.

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