BBQ | Simplified with Josh McBride

Summertime means one thing, outdoor BARBEQUES! But what is the best thing to make on a grill? What type of grill do you even use? And if you are going to a BBQ, what do you even bring?

There is one essential tool required for barbecuing, and you know what that is? A grill. While grills come in many shapes and sizes, personally, I prefer a charcoal grill. They tend to be smaller and more lightweight so they can be easily stored in whatever sized outdoor space you have.

Charcoal grills are so compact and easy to move that you can take them with you to the park, or a friend's patio… and if you didn't take this quarantine time to make friends with someone who has an amazing outdoor space… then you, my friend, have seriously wasted your time.

Amazon has tons of options to choose from in a variety of price ranges but if you really want top of the line… the laptop sized Hero Grill has everything you need. It comes in a grab-and-go case and features a biodegradable charcoal pod.

Freshly cut meats and veggies are summer essentials!

Yes, you can always stick to the basics like steak and chicken… but why be basic when you can be extra? Grill a rack of ribs, or fire up individual pizzas. Start by cooking one side of pizza first then flip, and while the other side cooks add your sauce and toppings.

Or maybe make it easier on yourself by tossing your entire dinner, meat, and vegetables included into some foil, top it with your favorite spices and boom you're Emerile LaGasse... I also recommend heading to your local butcher shop for the best cuts of meat- you get more bang for your buck AND you support a small business!

If you are not hosting this cookout… you don't want to be the guest showing up empty handed.. so make sure you come prepared with an amazing side. My go to is a greek pasta salad. You get some penne, some feta, tomatoes and olives, mix them all together with some greek dressing and you will have all your friends calling you the Barefoot Contessa!

If cooking isn't your thing… come with everyone's favorite side dish… Alcohol. A nice rose like wolffer estates "summer in a bottle" or John Legend's "L-V-E Sparkling Rose" are crowd pleasers for sure.

Or if you wanna spice it up… bring your own homemade sangria, cut up some fruit, toss it in a pitcher with some white or red wine and call it a day.

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