Beanie Feldstein Choosing Roles Outside Her Comfort Zone

Many of you may recognize Beanie Feldstein from the Greta Gerwig film "Lady Bird" or as the one of the socially challenged academic duo gone wild in "Booksmart." Now Beanie has upped her game starring as Monica Lewinsky in the TV series, "American Crime Story" and as the lead in the coming of age comedy "How to Build a Girl."

"How to Build a Girl" is based on the novel by Caitlin Moran and tells the story of teenage girl in England who creates a whole new persona for herself in the London music scene with unexpected results.

Beanie is now moving on from the "BF" role to take the lead and there is no looking back.

"One of the reasons that I love that movie and that script and I loved the experience of making that movie and playing Johanna was like she goes through such a journey..."

The experience of making the film also had an impact on Beanie personally as well...

"I felt much braver than when I started and that was like a really kind of empowering feeling and a scary and exciting feeling I think because I never really felt like someone who took risks and playing Johanna and going on this ride that she takes, I couldn't help but kind of have to put myself in situations that felt very outside my comfort zone."

Living openly as a queer woman, Beanie feels that the roles she's taken serve to illustrate true friendship, something she values and wishes to amplify to young women finding their own way in the world.

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Wikimedia; Flickr

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