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The Dear Evan Hansen alum is making headlines with his Netflix concert special and his hit show The Politician.

If any theatre enthusiasts admire Ben Platt from his days as Evan Hansen on the box office topping Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen, they will grow to adore him even more in his latest projects.

Ben Platt's New Netflix Concert Special 

Actor and musician Ben Platt's Netflix Special, Ben Platt: Live from Radio City Music Hall, was recorded live on September 29, 2019. Released to Netflix on May 20, 2020, The film showcases the final stop of his Sing To Me Instead tour at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Who and What Is Featured In The Special

The special includes Platt as himself, Crystal Monee Hall, Kojo Littles Allen René Louis as the background singers, and the musicians included David Cook as both the musical director and on piano, Mike Ricchiuti on the keyboards, Nir Felder and Justin Goldner on the guitar, Amanda Lo on the violin, Reenat Pinchas on the cello, Julia Adamy on the bass, and Derrick Wright on the drums.

The set list that was presented at the concert goes as follows:

  1. "Bad Habit"
  2. "Temporary Love"
  3. "Honest Man"
  4. "Hurt Me Once"
  5. "New"
  6. "The Joke" (Brandi Carlile cover)
  7. "Better"
  8. "Share Your Address"
  9. "Ease My Mind"
  10. "Rain"
  11. "In Case You Don't Live Forever"
  12. "Take Me to the Pilot" (Elton John cover)
  13. "Grow as We Go"
  14. "Older"
  15. "Run Away"
Platt's cover of Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed," is not featured in the special even though it was performed at the concert.

There were notable audience attendees who appear in the special, many of whom are friends, family and collaborators Platt has worked with over the years like Ryan Murphy, Anna Kendrick, and Andrew Barth Feldman.

'The Politician' Sees Platt Returning for Season Two

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The hit Netflix show The Politician is back for season two after a very successful first season. NME has spilled that season two will follow Payton (Platt) on the campaign trail as he tries to unseat Dede, whose re-election was supposed to be easy, and Payton must decide what sort of politician he wants to be. However, his mother Georgina Hobart (Gwyneth Paltrow) will also make a momentous decision that threatens to upstage him and everything he has accomplished.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, Lucy Boyton (who plays resident mean girl Astrid) places it simply like this:

"You know [Season 2 is] gonna be so different from Season 1. It has to be, it's Ryan."

Ben Platt follows up with this, saying:

"Obviously Season 2 will follow that election and I'm really excited to go toe to toe with Judith [Light]. I would hope that it would continue to explore this larger question of authenticity and feigned authenticity. When [Payton] is getting involved now in the real world of politics and we don't have sort of the cover of, like, a high school sheen, how does that battle then manifest as far as how much can you get away with curating your image? I'm sure there'll also be lots of hot article [inspiration] – the way there has been in the first season with gun control and voter fraud and all of that."

His co-star Zoey Deutch, who plays Infinity Jackson, tells IndieWire this:

"Because Infinity is so smart and she is a survivor and she is a product of her victim of her environment, I'd be really interested to see what she morphs into. And if there is some semblance of awareness that comes to play. I think at the present there's not a ton of awareness."

Catch the season 2 premiere of The Politician June 19 only on Netflix.

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